Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010

Hair: Truth, Gloria, Strawberry Blonde, not free
Skin: Tuli, Eva Tone 2, December VIP Group Gift, free in notices
Eyes: Poetic Colors, Christmas Fairy Eyes, free
Dress/ Accessories: Donna Flora, 2010 gift, HYN/ Jasmin, free in notices
Shoes: Wetherby, Yellow Gown, 20L$
Poses: KSC2Cool/ Glitterati Breast Cancer Awareness Poses

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Decoy - catching up

decoy core cupcakes posebility

Decoy is giving freebies by fat pack, I just got to have it.
I'm catching up, ladies.

Hair, Blazers, Pants, Tops, Boots: Decoy, 0L$
Necklace: Core, the store is closing everything is on sale,
lucky board prize.You can get it for 25L$ if not willing to wait.
Skin is from Cupcakes, Daydream, Lace, 100L$ to Join.
Poses: POSEbility, 0L$

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm back.

Sorry for the long absence. I got too much going on in RL plus work got so heavy.
First I got the flu, then the typhoon Ondoy plus the flood then Pet Society is so irresistible to me these past few days. Please add me if you have one at Facebook: Mikaela Burner or, Thanks.

I am still getting used to my new LCD monitor.
Everything is wide and big now even the fonts.
I'm not sure if I am happy with it yet. Changes drives me nuts.

So back to Second Life. I just can't resist not blogging these gown. It's an anniversary (2nd anniversar) gift from Likka called The name of the Flower, Cream, 0L$

Likka The name of the flower cream

The pose is a freebie from POSEbility, oL$
Hair is from ::69:: called J. Lo, 200L$
Skin is a group gift from Cupcakes, Daydream, Lace, 100L$ to join.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just Got Lucky


This skin is a new Mother Goose's lucky board prize.

The adorable cupcake eyes is from Kuri, 1L$

Glasses is a former subscribo gift (part of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Survival Kit) from Pididdle, 0L$

just got lucky

Hair: W&Y, Lucky Board Prize, 0L$
Necklace: Magpie Secret Garden earrings and necklace 0L$
Dress: Oyakin, gift in store, 0L$
Scarf: Fashionably Dead (FD) Long Tintable Scarf, 0L$
Socks: Djunk TARVIKE happiness socks green, 0L$
Boots: *ordinary* Mouton boots (001), 0L$
Bubble Tea: -RC-, Skipping Stones Hunt Prize, ended
Food Bank Donations: -RC-, store freebie, 0L$

Pretzels with Tomoto


Pretzel, anyone?

swanson tomoto blue sky


Hair: Truth, Giselle, 225L$
Outfit: Swanson, Autumn2 Outfit including boots and hat, Pretzel Hunt, 0L$
Jewelry: Imagen Corazones Earrings and Necklace, Jewelry Fair freebies, 0L$
Pose: Ks2cool

Hair: Bishwear, (dbs) Serafina Black, 0L$
Hair Accessory: Tomoto, Corsage Des Fleurs Noires, 1L$
Top: Tomoto, Camisole Tunique Astre, Group Lucky Board Prize, 0L$
Bottom: Izumiya, Black Leggings, 0L$
Slippers: Babouche, Black, 0L$
Pose: Pretzel, Le Simpliste Freebie, 0L$

Hair: Fascino, Licio, 200L$
Outfit: Blue Sky, Indi Designs, Heather, Pretzel Hunt Prize, 0L$
Boots: TARA, Sexy Whit Passion, Midnight Mania Board Prize, 0L$
Pose: LAP

STC Hunts and more

sweeter than candy gift card

Did the Back to School Hunt at Sweeter than Candy and won 250L$ gift card.
I thought that this will be a sweet deal for 200L$, whole outfit plus the boots.
So this Kitty Leopard Mini plus Boots Set- Brown is free, 0L$

Poses from TorridWear, DSN samples, 0L$

subscribo kouse of Sanctum

This lovely costume is from Kouse's Sanctum- Boleyn Girl Special Edition- Gown - Carribean, it's a subscribo gift, 0L$

Hair is from Truth, Viviane, new realease, 225L$

Pose: Ks2cool

alphamale & blacklace solange ingenue ing


Skin from Left: Symphony Skin, Prom Queen Group gift, oL$

Hair: Truth Ayssa. new release, 225L$/
KMH Hair Free 002, 0L$/
Mirone, Welcome Gift- Elann sp_darkbrown, 0L$

Outfit: Aphamale& Blacklace, subscribo gift, 0L$/
Solange, Opening Gift, 0L$/
Ingenue, Wilted Rose, Forbidden Fruit Hunt, 0L$

Shoes: Magnifico Grey Boot Caged, MM Prize, oL$/
AMG Boudoir Envus Heels- Gold/
HOC Chunky Stilleto Pumps, color change, 10L$

Poses: Ks2cool

Saturday, September 19, 2009


kurenai (1)

Kurenai is giving this cute scooter for free- Lucky Chair prizes, 0L$

kurenai (2)

It's so fun to ride on this scooter. Poco2.

Now back to the Rider's get up.

prelude sms 69 luna's boutique aluinn gf lap

I just love Luna's Boutique Shiny Jeans cause it makes me feel like a rocker.
It's a group gift, 0L$

Hair: 69, Still, 200L$
Skin: Cupcakes, Enchanted- Creme, Giftbag#9, 250L$
Top (L-R): So Many Styles, group gift, in notices, 0L$/
, store freebie, 0L$/
, group gift, 0L$
Jeans: Luna's Boutique, group gift, 0L$
Belt: Tah, it's color change, look at the planter, 0L$
Shoes: Mistres Sexy Boots Black, it's beeen in my inventory since April 2009,
no idea how I got it. But I sure like it.
I went to do STC's Hunt and saw this boots on the 3rd floor worth 150L$.
Necklace: G Field Key Necklace for male & female, Jewelry Fair 0L$
Bracelet: Aluinn Black and Silver Deco Bracelet, Jewelry Fair 0L$

I'm in a picnic mood.

samsara mhfa picnic basket truth

Munch. Munch. Munch.


Hair: Truth,Heidi (new release), 225$
Skin: Cupcakes, Enchanted- Creme, Giftbag#9, 250L$
Mouth Nom: Kue, Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, gatcha everyday free prize, 0L$
Corset + Panty: Samsara, Presente Samsara, store freebie, 0L$
Basket: Milk Hall Fair's Attic MHFA, Picnic basket, 0L$
Bracelet Exodi, Summer Lovin', S.O.S. Hunt Prize, 0L$
Belly Ring:DM Hermione Belly Ring, Jewelry Fair, 0L$
Right Breast Tattoo: Baiastice, Part of the group gift White & Crystal, 0L$
Body tattoo: Rainbow Chaser- Flower Snow Tattoo, 0L$
Shoes: UBU, Old gift hunt prize, 0L$
Poses: Ks2cool, AO of the basket

Let's talk about Shapes

I know most of you take pride of your signature shapes
and some are just not that satisfied and still looking for a better one.
Some just simply want to experiment.
Hope these freebie shapes help.


Plus Girl Shape: I can send you a copy if you want one, free
I was asking a sexy avi where she got her shape and gladly gave me a copy.

Cupcakes Giftbag #9, includes skins, eyes and this shape, 250L$

[glow] DeLyn Shape, 1L$

Pose: Torridwear, Curve, DSN Sample, free

leafy inna shape freebies

Leafy Shapes + Poses, Inna Shapes, 0L$

Pose: Pretzel, Le Simpliste Freebie, 0L$

Leafy Eva Shape freebie

Leafy Shapes + Poses, Eva Shapes, 0L$

Bikini: PixelDolls
Shoes: SKGShoes
Hair: 69

As for me, I am just satisfied with my shape cause I don't' want to alter my face.
I might try other shapes but just for fun.
I'd like to try Famish shapes too, they are plus size female shapes,
cute when you got noms on your mouth all the time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry Fair

There is a Jewelry Fair everyone.
Here are some of my favorite freebies and Dollarbies:

fave jewerly fair freebies2

Left to right Up:
Earthsong Creations, Gold Whale Tail Necklace, 0L$
Exquisite Jewellery, High Desert Copper Turquoise Necklace, 0L$
Eyecandy, Bunneh Necklace, 0L$

Left to right Down:
Aurora Borealis World Peace Earrings/Necklace, 0L$

Prims & Pearls Shower for Flowers Necklace, 0L$
Addiction Jewelry, Hoop Crazy Dangle Earrings, 0L$
G Field Key Necklace for male & female, 0L$

fave jewerly fair freebies1

L-R Up:
Sapphire Ruby Heart earrings, 1L$
Bliensen + Mai Tai Vintage earrings, 1L$

L-R Middle:
Aluinn Black and Silver Deco Bracelet, 0L$
CiHuae Ring with Ruby & Diamond, 0L$
Earth Jewel- Gallant Bracelets, 0L$

L-R Down:

~flirt~ Tiger Lily hair Barrett 1L$
Gems & Kisses earrings 0L$

Take a peek of what you can find:
You can check my Flickr by clicking the pictures and click 'All Sizes' to view pictures larger.

jewelry fair freebies & dollarbies

Here more!

jewelry fair freebies & dollarbies2

I am still organizing all the SLurl for the Winter and Fall.
I was in the hurry, so spellings and captions need to be checked first.
IM me if you need all the SLurl for all the freebies.
I'll be glad to send you a copy.
Will be posting freebies for Summer & Spring.

Here are the SLurl of the stores and their freebies @ Jewelry Fair.

Bliensen + Mai Tai Vintage earrings 1L$
Sapphire Ruby Heart earrings 1L$
Gems & Kisses earrings 0L$
Puarangi Designs Assorted including mens accessories 1L$
DD Celtic Heart belly ring, Victorian broach bracelet,
medusa cameo bracelet,turquoise inlay polo tie,1L$
Pinny's Prim- Diamond guardian angel, 0L
Diamond peace symbol ring
Eolande's Jewelry fair gift. 0L
Beautiful Jewels Tealsong Tanzanaie Gold ring, 10L
Vinca pin unisex OL
Centropallini Hair ornament ribbon with brooch 1L
Earthsong Creations 0L
Ticky Tacky 1L each
CCD Reflective hoop earrings and bracelet, 5L
M!ne unisex necklace, 0L
Primalot, 0L$
Addiction Dangling earrings, 0L
Earth Jewel- Gallant Bracelets, 0L
DM Belly Rings, 0L Hermione
Exquisite Jewelry 0L
Queen & Co, 0L
~flirt~ Tiger lily hair barrett 1L
Sable Rose female- necklace 0L
also for men
G&T for male and female 0L
Ad-jewel-a-tion 0L$
ET- Tree of Life Earrings 1L
Smooth Designs for male & female
Evica key on a string 1L
Eyecandy 1 L for male & Female
Dark Mouse Vintage art deco ring 0L
Eyecandy Bunneh Necklace, 0L
KessKreations 0L
Aurora Borealis world peace earrings/necklace
Emcee Widget Burning Life Necklace 0L
Magpie Secret Garden earrings and necklace 0L
AHC Bangles 0L
G Field Key necklace for male & female 0L
LR Designs 1L
Silq'waggi 0L
Aluinn 0L
Doodads 2L each
CiHuae ring with ruby & diamond 0L
Imagen earrings & necklace 1L
Prims & Pearls 0L
Collisions for men 0L
SS Flower pendant silver 0L